Building Great Teams

Features, tools, techniques used at my workplace to enable great team work


Supporting one another and going in the same direction is a key factor in the success within the company I work for. Teamwork is crucial so that psychological safety needs can be met and people are encouraged to make mistakes. This may sound daft for a company that wants to strive for success but according to the Google report, the highest performing teams are the ones where people are comfortable around each other and can admit to mistakes. Breeding this culture within the workplace allows an open functionality to identify mistakes. The team I work in adheres to this methodology and can be evidenced through the sheer approachable nature of my colleagues, who are available to speak to and willing to answer any questions at any given time. My team and I are sat within the same radius in the open plan office and cross communication can be made without any constraints. We also use Skype for business, so whenever members of staff are working remotely we are still contactable.




The value of communication should never be underestimated. Our company, a public sector organisation have a to cater the demands of 35,000 users. Employees in my team constantly communicate internally with our local IT Team, and national IT Team who are based across the country.We often communicate to suppliers, team members/colleagues and customers who contact the Service Desk. Tools we use include Skype for business, whereby company employees appear online and contactable during working hours, and Outlook 365. In which is used on a daily basis to exchange emails with members of the company and to share calendars so that the availability of employees are visible.

Finally, my line manager provides ongoing support to assist team members, such as myself, by regularly reviewing my work every 2-3 days and discussing how I can improve. Pointing out any mistakes I have undertook or anything I have misunderstood. I also have a mentor, who is available should I have any queries about anything. In this way, my workplace helps the individuals and team members to further develop by consistently communicating accross anything done well, badly or room for improvements.



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